Dedicated Forming Dies

Dynamic Laser Parts, LLC. Is a privately owned and operated job shop, established to support small to intermediate (prototype – 10,000 pieces) production runs of tight tolerance metal parts. Parts are quoted complete to print, outsourcing locally the services that cannot be performed in house.

Traditional laser shops will laser cut and brake press form parts to +/-.010” or greater tolerances. Dynamic Laser Parts will maintain tolerances of +/-.005” on lineal dimensions and +/-.0015” on hole diameters. Tight tolerance formed parts is realized thru the use of dedicated forming dies starting for as little as $90.00. This is Life-Time tooling with no maintenance, repair or replacement costs.

Dynamic Laser Parts is unique in the metal parts laser fabrication industry providing tight tolerance parts with dedicated forming dies at very affordable tool costs…. Send us your PDF or CAD files for quotation.